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You’ve got enough of those things. You don’t need more of them. So let me help you.
By allowing us to tackle your website design and branding needs, you’ll have time to focus on the one thing you do best: Grow your business.
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What we can do for you

Responsive design on desktop tablet mobile

Website Design 

We possess the design experience with the right mixture of business and marketing savvy resulting in a site that not only looks nice, but attracts clients to your business. 
• Full site design with marketing in mind
• Optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop 
• SEO built in to every site
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Branding is an important part of your marketing strategy so whatever your needs are, we can help you establish your company's image.
• Logos
• Social Media
• Graphic design

About your designer

Robert Genovesi website and graphic designer

I'm a website and branding designer. But I'm also a marketer.
I come up through a diverse creative background. I started in publishing then jumped to owning my own design shop. From there I spent some years at an advertising and design agency which gave way to working in retail, magazines, then signs and displays.
My goal at each stop was to learn that which I didn’t already know. I did that to serve you better. Because serving you is what I’m all about.
Someone once said, "Good design is as good design sells". The designs I produce won't just be pleasing to the eye; they will sell your customers on your business.
And isn't that what you want?

Get in contact with me. We need to talk.

What others say…

Rob is a talented designer and great to work with. Not only is he an amazing designer, but he has an imaginative eye for detail. Rob is innovative and continuously looking for new solutions and fresh ideas to exceed his client’s expectations and goals. He is always helpful and insightful. Rob is a passionate designer and always is aware of the latest creative strategies and technology, which makes him a great asset to any company.

Greg Maka
Owner, 24-7 Marketing

His ability to coordinate an entire and disparate team of talents of all different personalities was consistently nothing short of brilliant and inspiring. He's so easy to work with and communicate with, and utterly unflappable (the guy totally defines the concept of keeping cool under pressure). 
PS: If you have an opportunity to hire Robert and decide not to, you should know that you're only going to end up hiring three people to do what he can do.

David Feder
Executive Editor-Technical, Prepared Foods Network/NutraSolutions.com
Founder, S/F/B Communications Group

He's a well-organized, highly conscientious, talented designer and manager (of workflow and people). But his standout quality is commitment: Rob is always "all in." He made the magazine's business his business and treated the company's money as though it were his own— you'd think it was Rob's own start-up. He took that much care with everything he did...always. Considering Rob's combination of commitment, conscientiousness, technical agility and loyalty, anyone who hires him will consider himself or herself lucky!

Carol Brooks
Editor-in-Chief, First for Women and Simple Grace magazines

Rob is an excellent creative mind that always adds a business approach to every project. His ability to add processes, procedures and attention to detail give him valuable assets that any company would covet. Rob is as professional as the day is long and I highly recommend him to any person or company.

Dave Lyons
Creative Director, Blanc Display Group

I have known Rob for over 10 years and have worked with him on multiple occasions. Each and every time he has surpassed expectations and proved to be a valued partner. He is an excellent resource and would be a great asset to any organization.

Paul Guida
Owner, New Horizon Graphic

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